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Allergy Advice

Notice on allergens. Under EU regulations being enforced from 13th December 2014,·I am now required to highlight allergens that are in the cakes that I produce:



Vanilla: Wheat, Egg, milk

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble: Wheat, Eggs, Milk

Chocolate: Wheat, Egg, Traces of Milk

Lemon: Wheat, Egg, milk

Coffee: Wheat, Egg, milk

Strawberry, Wheat, Egg, Milk

Chocolate Orange Marble: Wheat, Eggs, orange juice, milk

Fruit contain: Wheat, Egg, walnuts Sulphur Dioxide, milk

Buttercream and fillings

All Buttercream: Milk and butter

Royal Icing contains: Wheat Starch, Egg

Models contain: Egg, Traces of nut

Modelling Chocolate: Milk, Soya, Sulphites, Traces of nut.

Marzipan contain: Almond

Lemon Curd: eggs

Cakes are filled with strawberry jam unless other jam is requested

Fondant Icing

May contain traces of nuts.

Please be aware there may be traces of nuts in any of the products listed.

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